-CSA Information & Terms -

What is a CSA? Community Supported Agriculture is a shared commitment between us; the farmer; and you, and customer of fresh good quality produce. We are committed to growing the best tasting local produce we can grow for you and your family. With your support, we are able to continue to provide you and our community with fresh local produce. By purchasing a CSA share you are "locking in" your produce during the season. 

How it will work: You will prepay for 16 weeks worth of produce. Full Shares are $475 and you will receive an average amount of produce to feed 4-6 people. ( about a $25 worth a week). Half shares are $275 and you will receive about enough produce for 1-3 people.( about $15 worth a week). Your produce share will be packaged for you each week. 

 We have 2 pick-up locations- 

  •  Open Market on the Farm -on Monday's  510 12th Ave. Inman 67546  

  • McPherson County Farmers Market on Saturday  - 710 W. Woodside McPherson 67460

Tin Bucket Farms is committed to bringing you the best harvest possible: we will harvest through rain or shine and get your produce.

 The dates for the CSA-We will start the middle of May and go for 16 weeks until Sept. We will have a week vacation inJuly or August. This week is for you as a consumer to have a fridge clean out and for us as your local farmer to catch our breath on the farm and spend some family time

CSA Cost: $275 for the 16 week season - Half Share

                  $475 for the 16 week season- Full Share 

Please read the following - An Agreement for Tin Bucket Farms CSA Membership: I am committed to picking up my share of produce each week at my specifically chosen drop off. I understand that I do not have a choice in what vegetables Tin Bucket farms raises or what they have available for my CSA share. I understand that Tin Bucket Farms has seasonal produce and that the weather, climate, pests, storms, and catastrophes of nature can have an effect on what produce is available each week. I also understand that if I am not there or have to sent someone in my place that Tin Bucket Farms has the right to give away my weekly share to a needy family. I understand that I cannot get a replacement for my weekly share if I do not show up or have not made other arrangements. I also understand that my money is non-refundable. If a weather disaster should strike at Tin Buckets Farms and we lose all our crops: or an unforeseen medical condition should occur to one of us causing us not to be able to grow or harvest,  you will not get a refund. We will supply you the best we can with the available produce and may buy from another local farm to supply you with the produce you need. If you are not willing to accept theses terms then it is not for you to become a CSA Member. This is a shared risk between you and us as a farmer and we will do the best that we can to provide you with what we can. 

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