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Our Story

In 2016 we started out ..Troy was working for a Farmer by Galva and we were starting our family. Sally had already joined our family and another one was on the way. Troy had the dream to be a father that could work with his family, and if nothing else just be at home more. So at the first of the year we dove into gardening in a big way and Tin Bucket Farms was started. We both had enjoyed gardening in our small backyard garden since we had gotten married, this seemed like the type of thing that intrigued us both and we took off. Since both of us grew up on farms where we helped in their mom's back yard garden and knew the value of "homegrown" produce. We started off leasing a piece of land beside our long drive that had formerly been wheat ground. We ordered seeds in January and just took off and acted like we knew what we were doing! The beds in the garden were made in March and the cooler building was built on our yard and off we went. Little Kinsey Belle Joined our family in April and so life was busy. We knew when we started that we wanted to grow veggies that were were chemical free!! We started out selling our spring produce at a small farm stand at Troy's folks along a black top road on Tuesdays in May. We soon were asked to come to Inman with our Produce. Much to our delight we went and set up behind the Museum on Front Street in June. We love getting to know the locals and serving our community!! The same first year we also started out at the McPherson Farmers Market. Where we are still loving to go each Saturday to see our customers and friends. In 2017 we started out in the Community Supported Agriculture, starting with 16 CSA Shares along with our 2 markets and loved it!! In 2018 we enlarged our CSA share number to 39 with over 60% returning customers, Bought the land around our home that we had been leasing and continued goin to McPherson and Inman markets each week. 2018 also brought a greener more colorful side to the farm when we started growing our lettuce mix or what we call our salad mix. We love growing the tastiest freshest greens and always having salad at our fingertips. Fall of 2018 will also bring many new trials as we will be attempting to grow our lettuce though the winter as long as the Kansas weather will let us.  It is our goal in the coming years to provide our Homegrown Quality produce to our community and continue making new friends at Market and through our CSA shares.

Tin Bucket Farms Services

Where we sell and what we offer- 

  • We are at the McPherson County Farmers Market each week from the of May to the end of Oct.

  • 2020 we will be having a Open Farm stand each week from the Middle of May to the end of the season. 

  • Tin Bucket Farms also is part of the Community Supported Agriculture -CSA  Join our CSA shares -today to become part of the Tin Bucket Farm Family  


CSA Share

McPherson Farmers Market

Market Times -  

McPherson Farmers Market 

May 31 - Oct 31 

7:30 -12pm  Every Saturday 

Open On Farm - Market  

May - Oct 

Monday  9:00am - 3pm

or call to make appt.

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Tin Bucket Farms is committed to exceeding your needs. Questions, comments or special requests? We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to reach out today.

510 12th Ave, Inman, KS. USA

Troy 620-755-2084

Kayla 620-654-8488



A look on the Farm ..

Cherry tomatoes
Hoss Wheel Hoe
Summer Squash
Incredible Sweet Corn
Back Garden
Bell Peppers                                              l
Salad Mix
Green Onions

Troy 620-755-2084

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